Monday, May 9, 2011

let's the esperiment begin ...

During this week we are starting a new cycle of experiments in Uppåkra to test the efficiency of the image based modelling technique (SFM+DSM) on a long range term excavation. The results from the last year were very exiting but there are still few things to check...

The collaboration with the ISTI (creators of MeshLab) is going on great! They are part of the experiment and one of the goals of this new test section will be to feed the ISTI people with new archaeological inputs for MeshLab ;-)

The connection between MeshLab and Image-based-modelling technique is very good and represent an interesting path to explore in archaeology.

Thanks to MrP you will find online video tutorials about MeshLab..


  1. Looking forward to your results:) Doing some fieldwork myself this weeken, with PhotoScan.

  2. Hi Erik! I am getting good results with Photoscan, I ll look for some pipeline to have a better postprocessing with meshLab.. but so far the software is working very very well

    let's keep in touch with your results and good luck with your experiments :-)