Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Call for papers: CAA 2015 session “Formal approaches to visibility analysis in ancient architectural spaces and cultural landscapes”

Hi everybody,
As you probably know, the next CAA international conference will be held in Siena, Italy, between March 30th and April 3rd 2015. This conference brings together archaeologists, historians, cultural heritage experts, mathematicians and all of those people interested in the use of digital technologies and computing techniques applied to archaeological research and management.
One of the sessions which will be held in the course of the conference is titled “Formal approaches to visibility analysis in ancient architectural spaces and cultural landscapes” and is targeted at those ones who are interested in using formal visibility methods for assessing the visual connectivity inside the ancient space.
Anyone ineterested in this topic is very welcome to join this session which is organized by me and Eleftheria Paliou, by submitting a paper by 20th of November 2014.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Long Time, next STOP Millesgården

I know, It has been a while from the last post....
This has been an intense year in Lund, the organization of the CAA-SE, new courses in Digital Archaeology and of course.. a lot of new projects.

At the moment we are developing an application that will accompany the coming exhibition"POMPEII"  at Millesgården (http://www.millesgarden.se/future-exhibitions-586.aspx) in Stockholm. Together with Daniele Ferdani and Emanuel Demetrescu from the National Research Council of Italy CNR ITABC, the entire Pompeii team and Stefan Lindgren from the HumLab , we are developing a 3D movie that will show the house of Cecilio Giocondo reconstructed using the 3D models from the scanner as a geometrical reference. We are very satisfy with the final result, but still a lot of work is left before the exhibition!

During the last semester Giacomo Landeschi post processed the entire dataset of the insula V 1 and Marco Callieri and Matteo Dellepiane from the National research Council of Italy, ISTI, developed a new version of the web interface to make the entire data set of 3D data available in high resolution.
We also imported the house of Cecilio Giocondo  in a 3D GIS system and... that is a real revolution!
soon an update about our 3D GIS projects.