Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Long Time, next STOP Millesgården

I know, It has been a while from the last post....
This has been an intense year in Lund, the organization of the CAA-SE, new courses in Digital Archaeology and of course.. a lot of new projects.

At the moment we are developing an application that will accompany the coming exhibition"POMPEII"  at Millesgården ( in Stockholm. Together with Daniele Ferdani and Emanuel Demetrescu from the National Research Council of Italy CNR ITABC, the entire Pompeii team and Stefan Lindgren from the HumLab , we are developing a 3D movie that will show the house of Cecilio Giocondo reconstructed using the 3D models from the scanner as a geometrical reference. We are very satisfy with the final result, but still a lot of work is left before the exhibition!

During the last semester Giacomo Landeschi post processed the entire dataset of the insula V 1 and Marco Callieri and Matteo Dellepiane from the National research Council of Italy, ISTI, developed a new version of the web interface to make the entire data set of 3D data available in high resolution.
We also imported the house of Cecilio Giocondo  in a 3D GIS system and... that is a real revolution!
soon an update about our 3D GIS projects.


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