Monday, December 10, 2012

4DGIS-ongoing experiments

During these days I am playing a bit with the data from Catalhoyök and Uppåkra, in both cases I am experimenting  with Image Based Modeling techniques and Arcscene 10, with the goal to have a clear idea on what the limits and potentialities.
After a long discussion with Camilla Mazzucato from Oxford University we started implementing more models and we are planning -together with a larger group of researchers- to start working on the design of a new typology of database.
So far we grouped the models in multi patch files, but I am not jet sure if this will be the best or the only solution for this project, in fact it depends a lot from the typology of visualization that we want to reach.

3D models realized during the excavation season 2012 in Catalhöyuk

Next spring's main goal,  it will be  the import of  the entire dataset of models realized during the last excavation season,  with the goal of start working  on new workflows to combine into ArcGis data of different typology (vector+3D models etc). In particular I would like for the next excavation season to explore the possibility to have a 3D distribution of findings (as points) visualized on the 3D models, let's see how far we will go..