Tuesday, January 4, 2011

helicopter on the excavation


  1. nico, you might find this link of interest: http://www.youtube.com/user/mdwillis01#p/a/u/0/57SBTRl9D_c

    It shows some of my 3D mapping with a UAV.

  2. Hey Nico! Awesome stuff, been thinking about it myself :) Let me know if you are planning on testing it, would love to watch it live :)

    Erik Kjellman

  3. Hi Mark your movie is great!!!!!!
    I am very impress!
    the movie posted is from archeos team (http://www.arc-team.com/archeos/wiki/doku.php)
    they are using it a lot during their excavations and I would like to start some test as well. Can I post your movies in this blog? let's keep in touch! Your work is great!

    Hi Erik probably we will do some test, During the Spring ArcheOs team is coming in Lund for one week! I hope they will brig their UAV :-)