Friday, February 12, 2010

particle animation

3d modeling, animation, rendering: Marco di ioia. Simulazione in particle animation allagamento deposito pleistocenico Casal de' pazzi


  1. this movie was realize using 3dsmax, computer vision, VRay, Real Flow !!!

  2. I modeled the river bed using computer vision, texturing optimization with 3d bodypaint and photoshop.
    The particle animation, realized in Feal Flow, interacts with the geometry, is even possible to use animated characters and let them interact with the particle flow. The only limit is your cpu power, the more parameters you put in, the more it takes the alghorithm to calculate the water shape frame by frame. At the end of the process i imported an animated mesh in max, using the rf4 plugin, assigned a transparent material with the same water IOR (index of refraction) then i render in GI with Vray